Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd.

Perma Construction Aids Pvt. Ltd is a company engaged in the manufacture and marketing of Hi – Tech Construction Chemicals with in India and Abroad since 1996. The Products of the company are sold under the brand name “ PERMA”.
PERMA CONSTRUCTION AIDS PVT. LTD. is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Company, for Design, Manufacture and supply of Construction Chemical products in India & abroad under the brand name of “PERMA”. The Company also has a rating of SME – 2 awarded by CRISIL which describes the financial strength of the company.
The company’s range of products consists of Integral waterproofing compound, Range of water proof coating in cementitious, acrylic and in latex, Tile fixing adhesives, Tile Joint Filler in cementitious and epoxies, Range of repair and rehabilitation products for distressed concrete structures, Admixtures for concrete, epoxy coatings & toppings, Floor hardeners, Grouts for machine foundation, micro pp fibres, putties and coloured flexible waterproof coatings.